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When most people think of a tea plantation, they think of the images you see on the sides of boxes, of smiling women plucking leaves in lush green fields. This can be misleading. In reality the tea world can be obscure and murky, with workers suffering low pay, punishing hours and other forms of exploitation.
Located in the very northern tip of Bangladesh, the garden known as Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate Ltd. was founded in 2000 by Kazi Shahid Ahmed, Chairman of the Gemcon Group with the primary goal of improving lives in this remote and neglected region through enterprise. Our garden is located in remote Tetulia, Panchagarh. Our inspiration to produce high-quality organic tea came from the rising demand for high-quality tea in both local and foreign markets. We acquired virgin lands that had never before been used for cultivation. After extensive research and consultation with the Bangladesh Tea Board, plantation began on August 6, 2000.

Our philosophy is “to produce great tea by supporting the natural and social environment”.

Kazi & Kazi Tea is committed to making sure women have an empowered role in the Bangladeshi community where Kazi & Kazi’s teas are cultivated. Most of our employees in the garden are women; they are simply more skilful when it comes to judging and picking the leaves.
With Kazi & Kazi Tea, you can be confident that every leaf has been planted, tended, picked and packed by workers who are treated properly. We provide our employees with healthcare, education and good wages.
To that end, Kazi & Kazi Tea introduced a farming cooperative that helps improve the lives of the Bangladeshi community cultivating the teas through revolutionary education, health, and cattle-lending programs.

The Garden

Kazi and Kazi Tea Estate is a pioneer of organic tea plantation in Bangladesh. We are the first internationally certified organic tea estate, and we use only natural resources to control agricultural pests and weeds. Extensive soil testing was used to grow tea plant in barren flat land. In order to keep natural organic process, we used Neem based bio-pesticide and cow dung-based fertilizers in our farming process. In this way we are restoring the environment and returning bio-diversity of the nature in the area.

Why Organic?

KKTEA began its cultivation in a barren land at Panchagarh; a land that was never used for cultivation. This eliminated any contamination of the soil with chemical pesticides from previous cultivations. Our journey has transformed arid corners of remote Tetulia into lush greenery teeming with returning wildlife.

For us, organic is our way of life. Our farmers continuously embrace the natural environment that exists in our gardens. Our land is enriched by rainwater, and our trees are shaded by innumerable herbal trees. We allow the ecosystem to control itself through a natural balance, using bio-fertilizers from organically-raised cattle. It is nature itself that makes our tea special. At Kazi & Kazi we value this above all else.

How organic?

Extensive soil testing was used to grow tea plant in barren flat land. In order to keep natural organic process, we use Neem based bio-pesticide and cow dung-based fertilizers in our farming process. The land was never used for any sort of cultivation earlier, so it has never been fertilized with chemical fertilizers. It ensures being organic as it is produced using natural fertilizers; manure and farming systems which help conserving soil and water. At Kazi & Kazi Tea Estate, organic is not simply a method; it is a way of life.

KK tea’s cultivation process follows complete organic procedure.

The following highlights why our cultivation system is the finest:

  • There is almost no weeding
  • The soil is built up with cover crops and mulch
  • Water bodies are utilized & herbal shade trees such as neem restores the eco-balance to the area
  • Only natural pest & weed controls are used
  • The land is nourished with bio-fertilizers and bio-compost
  • Cow dung and earthworms are used as natural fertilizers
  • The wildlife is protected
  • The juices of herbal trees are extracted, and sprayed on to remove pests on the garden

Our key global achievements

  • Compliance with National Organic Program (NOP, USDA
  • LACON Organic Standard for operators in Non-EU countries
  • Certificate of Compliance with Organic JAS
  • Compliance with Rainforest Alliance
  • Compliance with Fair Trade Standards

Our tea is currently available internationally under the Teatulia brand, and in the Bangladesh market under the KK Tea brand. We export our varieties of tea across the globe.

The Brands

You can now order all the flavours from