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Have you ever thought of hiring your own personal shopper? We know, you may think, what is this? Maybe some of you heard about it, but a personal shopper in Bangladesh might be hard to find. Gonna clear you soon. But, before that, think about your every month’s grocery shopping. At the beginning or end of the month, you all are busy with the monthly groceries and we know you want hustle-free grocery shopping in your hand. Also, sometimes you don’t feel like running in the summer or rainy days to get your groceries from the store then how would you manage that?

Additionally, if you don’t have time to go shopping, it will be a hazard! Thus, you must rely on the housekeeper, doorman, or chauffeur and most of the time, he is incapable of putting out the work that you believe he is capable of. When there is so much turmoil all around you, you may feel helpless when finding high-quality products. And you most likely think you require assistance with stress-free grocery shopping. How do you feel if you meet someone who meets your thoughts? We know, indeed not bad!

To help you with hassle-free shopping, MeenaClick pioneered with the ‘Personal Shopper Service’ in Bangladesh, which allows you to order the grocery you need instantly and get it without any hassle. This premium service is going to make your life easier

What is a Personal Shopper?

Personal shopping is a method of assisting people in making purchases by providing advice and recommendations by an expert. S/he will assist you in purchasing your daily necessities on schedule. It’s a popular concept for fashion and retail shopping in developed countries. Where people are preoccupied with their occupations. They don’t have a lot of spare time to go shopping. As a result, Personal Shopper support clients in purchasing what they need or require.

However, being a developing country Bangladesh has a lot of potential to progress in an era where equality is a significant factor in a country’s development,. People are cooperating as a result of this fact that men and women collaborate on projects together. So, the previous circumstance has altered from a long time. Women are now equally focused on their work and personal lives, they also don’t have much time to do grocery shopping every month.

The concept of a personal shopper in Bangladesh is novel. For the first time, MeenaClick brings this premium service to your doorstep, allowing you to live a stress-free life. You can emjoy better with friends and family in your spare time. You don’t have time to consider how you’ll complete your weekly or monthly grocery shopping in such frenzied life. Our Personal Shopper will assist you in locating the best products for your specific needs by informing our personal shopper about the Bazar list.

Premium Service at Your Doorsteps

Meenaclick connects you with a devoted person in your region who is accessible and willing to help you with your grocery shopping. In that area, he is the only point of contact for grocery shopping. He works as a key accounts manager for numerous houses in this area. His primary task is to build a relationship with you to compile your Bazar list, ensure timely delivery of items, and provide quality service at your doorsteps.

Why do you need a Personal Shopper?

I’m sure this has happened to the majority of you at least once in your life; finding good-quality groceries is challenging. When you’re busy and ask your doorman or driver to pick up your goods, seeing those “lees quality” product makes you feel frustrated and helpless. You will never have to worry about your groceries again if you hire a personal shopper on your own. You can save both time and money by doing so.

What services may MeenaClick’s Personal Shopper provide?

Assume you live in a big city and have a hectic schedule, it would be best if you manage your home after working hours. In your household, you each play a specific role and monitoring your daily, weekly, or monthly bazar after work is inconvenient for you. You don’t have a lot of time to go out and buy fresh fruits and veggies. You are responsible and like learning new things at the same time. Receiving praise from family and friends brightens your day. On a bigger note, your family adults are also busy with their life and this pandemic situation makes you feel risky to go outside. So, how would you go about doing your grocery shopping? MeenaClick’s Personal Shopper offers answers to all of your questions!

Saves Time

Time is one of the most valuable and priceless gift of life right now, and MeenaClick believes it is equally.

What exactly do MeenaClick’s Personal Shopper means when it claims you’ll save time? The first is that a Personal Shopper will take your desire demand for groceries and deliver it on time. So, you can devote that time to your other priorities

The second reason is that, after you learn how to use it, it will take you far less time to choose what you need for groceries each day, and, more important, it will cost you nothing and takes less of your time to make new purchases because he knows your need precisely.

Saves Money

You’ll have a hard time buying your things if you don’t have adequate product selection and barter experience. You may have a limited understanding of what constitutes excellent and terrible quality. And, the majority of the time, you have no notion what the best pricing is. MeenaClick’s Personal Shopper will assist you in finding the best products and avoid wasting money. He will buy your fresh produce and other groceries on his experienced hand.Quality Ensured

We understand that you are constantly concerned about the quality of your everyday requirements. However, due to a lack of time and experience, you may find it challenging to identify the best products. At this stage, MeenaClick Personal Shopper will assist you choose the most extraordinary things at the best price from the best store.


Sometimes you do your groceries by your housekeeper, doorman or driver. But you do feel confused about trusting anyone to buy your daily groceries. You feel insecure that they may not opt for the healthy products or give you the actual price list. Don’t worry again! You have a personal shopper in Bangladesh from Meenaclick who will get the best things from him.


Pandemics strike once more. People’s lives are growing increasingly complex. Grocery shopping on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis is critical during this time. When it comes to budgeting, it can be challenging if you aren’t aware of top-quality things. Coronavirus waves, on the other hand, are becoming more common with time. According to the government’s laws and regulations, it is prohibited to assemble in a supermarket or a superstore. Distancing yourself from others is necessary. The local bazar is also a risk area. So, here MeenaClick’s personal shopper takes your grocery responsibility. Our personal shopper will do your daily bazar with all the precautions and make the delivery on time. You can get the maintained hygiene, risk-free premium quality service from them.

Take the Premium Service at a Low Cost

Purchasing from ordinary online grocery shops may sometimes give you an insecure vibes. You can’t touch your products to ensure quality. So, you’re disappointed when you discover that your online shop isn’t as good as you thought. MeenaClick personal shopper, on the other hand, is a high-end service provider solely in Bangladesh. And it’s always there for you. He will select your requirements from the most significant retailer, just like you would. You can get the best online grocery service from your personal shopper only at TK100 as the service charge.

Shopping could be your favorite pastime but in a situation that demands your attention, you can’t afford your time for grocery shopping. Besides, not many of you are willing to spend your time doing groceries, going on bargain hunts, or run an errand due to lack of experience. Every problem has one solution that is providing by MeenaClick. Bangladesh’s first-ever personal shopper service is now at your doorstep. Don’t waste your time; grab the chance of your own Personal Shopper and make your life easier. Registration is open. Check the link or click here