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Bengal Herbal Garden Ltd, a concern of Gemcon Group wish to be a leading authentic herbal products producer and supplier in Bangladesh that aims to create environmental friendly, biodegradable products using organic materials to sustain the goodness of our planet.

Since 2003 we established a herbal brand called “Meena Herbal”. In 2017 we launched a new brand name “Organikare”. Furthermore, in 2018 we introduced a new cleaning range “Krystal Klean” and “Flush”, with the promise to satisfy the basic hygiene needs of every household. In 2020 we introduced a brand SAFE+ to ensure the personal hygiene needs of our customers’.

On 2nd May, 2019 “Meena Herbal merged with “Organikare”. As such, all are herbal products now come to you as “Organikare” with the fresh, new, improved look.

Organikare produces the most exceptional organic products that live up to our customer’s expectations and more. To fulfill our vision, we maintain an internationally certified organic garden, situated in Panchagarh, to farm and harvest organic herbal trees and plants.

We have set up a factory with modern machinery, operated by skilled and qualified personnel. Our products are based on the subcontinent’s very own ancient Ayurvedic traditions, which are time-tested as Mother Nature’s own supplements for health and beauty needs. All of this culminates into a perfect and ready skincare solution for a fast moving Bangladesh.

Krystal Kleen, Flush and SAFE+ our cleaning range under the “Organikare” brand was established to ensure the quality of products with the assurance to gratify the needs of hygiene both personal and environmental.

Here is a few words of

Dr. Maliha Mannan Ahmed

Founder of Organikare


I established Organikare in 2003 in order to bring natural, healthy products to the market. We follow the “garden to the table” principle – we grow and blend our own herbs to produce the highest quality, holistic formulations.

Over the years we have refined our blends to meet your needs. We have expanded our range into easy-to-use products which fit your active lifestyle. Our new household line brings natural freshness into your home.

Our strength is in our ethical manufacturing, using only the highest quality ingredients, and keeping your wellbeing at the core of our vision.

It lets consumers know that we use ingredients from our organic gardens, and that we persevere towards making eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products. And we care. We have the aloe vera gel, the turmeric body lotion, the coffee scrub – each and every one of our products have natural ingredients in it. There is a perception that while there are natural ingredients, there are still preservatives. A little preservative that helps the product from being perishable is good. We ensure we have the right blend of herbs, the right blend of chemicals to make a value added product with the right texture, with the right amount of preservatives.

Organikare is a lot more value-added because we have the ready to use packs, perfect for the busy urbanites. My target segment is everybody. We have a trial and error process, and it can go on for two years before we release anything in the market. I have a pride of being Bangladeshi, and I tell my people who work for me that let’s make a product that as a Bangladeshi we can be proud of, and has export quality.

It is an ongoing challenge since we are still leveraging our market base. We have established a presence, and have garnered word of mouth popularity. With the move from Meena Herbal to Organikare, we are going to establish a cohesive brand image for consumers to get on board with.

We want Organikare to become the number one brand when you talk about good herbal organic products from Bangladesh